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koldtec ice towel

Nothing feels better than the instant chill of ice when you're overheated from hot flashes, night sweats, exercise, or hot weather!

koldtec ice towels give you six ounces of sweet relief in a super-soft, moisture-wicking bamboo cooling towel that contours to the key pulse points on your neck.

The chill is five times greater than ordinary wet towels, lasts a long time, and when the ice does finally melt, the moisture is locked in the towel in gel form, so you always stay dry. The insulated travel tube keeps the ice frozen for up to 3 hours, so you can throw one in your bag as you head for the gym, or set it next to your bed in case of night sweats.

Proudly made in North America, the towels are anti-bacterial and machine washable, and the patented FlexIce packs can be used up to 600 times. Just freeze and go!

Available in Bali Blue, Liberty Purple, Jazzy Pink, and Black


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