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Free sample – the genneve Moisture System

Free sample – the genneve Moisture System

Great separately – even better together!

Our Intimate Moisture and Ultra-Gentle Body Wash form our unique, 2-step Moisture System. Start with genneve Ultra-Gentle Body Wash to cleanse and balance your intimate area. Then, follow with genneve Intimate Moisture to moisturize and lubricate, soothing the pain of dryness.

Together, the 2-step process works like your own natural moisture for all-over, everyday comfort – and great sex!

Free Sample – a trio of moisturizing lubricants

Free Sample – a trio of moisturizing lubricants

Find the best vaginal moisture for you by trying our sample pack—free! Just pay for shipping. This one-time offer entitles you to a variety sample pack of our flagship vaginal lubricant/moisture products. Featured products include genneve Intimate Moisture, genneve Personal Lubricant (water-based), and genneve Hybrid Personal Lubricant (water + silicone). Try it at home, feel your best, and have a little fun, all on us!

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