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genneve: the trusted brand in women's hormonal health

Women are aging gracefully up-top, why not do the same down-low?

We're genneve and we're in the vaginal health business.

Try a little genneve as part of a daily moisture routine or when the moment strikes, forget life's stresses, and live for the pursuit of feeling fabulous in your body.

What's in it for you?

Healthy Products. Gone are the days of petroleum-based, strawberry-flavored sex aids. genneve's moisture-rich, pH-friendly products are classy enough to keep on top of the nightstand…not hidden in the drawer.

Information. We're helping women navigate the madness of hormone change with the g-spot, packed with educational content and dialogue about seemingly taboo topics.

Convenience. Through, we'll discreetly deliver products to your doorstep based on your personal buying preferences.

The Hormone Journey

Being a woman means you're on the hormone journey for life.

Estrogen, the hormone for reproductive health, ebbs and flows throughout your journey.

Did you know that estrogen is at an all-time low after a woman gives birth? And when that happens, dryness creeps into the most sensitive of areas, and you guessed it, vaginal dryness hits, making sex painful for many.

The same thing happens when women in their 40s hit peri-menopause and then again as we age into the menopause years of life. And, sadly it doesn't stop at just vaginal dryness. Our hygiene needs change, our ability to hold our pee, and other unsexy but real things.

How and why does estrogen tank? How does it rebuild, and at what levels?

These are the questions we intend to answer; join the g-spot and be part of the dialogue.

Meet the Team

Jill Angelo, CEO and co-founder of genneve, is a former tenured Microsoft exec. Transitioning from high tech to vaginal dryness might seem like a bit of a leap, but Jill has always been passionate about women’s health and empowerment. Together with the genneve team, Jill is building a powerhouse media platform and line of healthy products that’s laser-focused on tackling the taboos and beating back the BS.


Shannon Perry, Marketing and Communications Director, is the voice behind the g-spot and its mission to liberate women’s hormonal health from its place of taboo. A former college English instructor and tech marketing executive, she applies her writing and research skills to help women gain knowledge, find their voice, and empower themselves.

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